It’s time to make your move, Lighthouse.

Who you once were a year ago, is no longer the same.

You’ve outgrown a lot and are ready to be taken to new heights… one that erupts new level expansion and momentum in your life and business.

You’re at the doorway of a NEW EDGE.

In your leadership, in your vision, and in your potency.


You are the Portal.
Penetrating your light into the Quantum Field.
Expanding. Receiving. Rapidly.

Full freedom. The Real kind.

Ready to call your SOUL forward in the way you know you are meant for more.

Dressed in the energy of your higher self.


Lighthouse Activation Version 2.0 is here!

Lighthouse Activation is one of the greatest journeys you can go on.

A Quantum Journey, unlike any other.

One where your Holy YES takes the stage.

And your original assignment lights a match in humanity.

I know you want all the details…but your submission
to the mystery is also part of the activation.


You’re going to feel alive again… fully activated in your Holy YES energy asking you to trust yourself… in your business, your identity, and your mission. Not excited… alive.

You came here to lead, not to be led.

You came here to create the timing of your life, not wait for the sign.

You came here to unlock the riches, beauty, wealth and luxury of life.




Healing your past to LEAP forward, Healing our wounds leads to transformation and success in a RAPID space of time.


What if you arrive in a state of plentiful peace?

Giving more AND receiving more.

Moving AND resting.

There’s SPEED and there’s steadiness.

Timelines collapsed and, one where you’re in no rush, yet it’s all happening faster than you can ever imagine!




A new course of action is here…

A new realm of business…

…of wealth.
…of vitality.
…of love.
…of holiness.

One where you will feel these codes in your cells on EVERY level. In your body, soul, business, bank account. In the most delicious + rich ways that allow you to enrich the world.

This is the new currency.

You with me?

Unlike anything you’ve ever done before!  

This powerful online event is for Leaders, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Healers, Therapists, Creatives and Lightworkers like you, to fully embody your WHOLENESS, to stand in your absolute Radiance and calibrate your body and energy to a higher level of receiving.

There’s a level of soul commandment that unfolds, where you’re no longer willing to operate in the energy of your past self.

You rise. You go high. You go NOW.

Your power portals unlock.

You’re not spiralling on the old.

You move through it and spiral upwards.

Into the full light and power of who you are.

Claiming your space.

This wisdom unlocks in your body, your mind and your field.


During this Soulful Online Activation you will:

  • UNLOCK ENERGY: Clear any stagnant and stuck energy in your field, close energetic leaks and release any old agreements not aligned to the highest. Open Safety and Power in your nervous system while you calibrate your body and energy to a higher level of receiving.
  • OPEN YOUR QUANTUM PORTAL: Collapse timelines and receive high energetic surgery to massively open your portal and compound to new levels of higher flow, Wealth (in all forms) and personal power.
  • UPGRADE YOUR SELF-WORTH: Everything else is just symptoms of deeper stuff going on! Get to the ROOT cause of your core wounds and limiting beliefs that are playing out as: visibility fears, insecurity, uncertainty and the unknown, self-sabotage, money blocks and powerfully unlock your Sovereign Codes – remembering who you are and arriving into the space as a powerful lighthouse.
  • ELEVATE YOUR FREQUENCY: Pull out the repeated patterns of self-doubt, not enoughness and proving that have left you feeling stuck and release them from your mind heart and soul forever.
  • TURN UP YOUR MAGNETISM: Matters of the heart are EVERYTHING! Reveal your body’s sacred request that will make an influx of your desires INEVITABLE, through a blend of both divine feminine healing and energetics with the sexy sacred masculine, both heal and open yourself up to receive deeply, more potently and easefully than ever before!
  • CLAIM YOUR HIGHER ENERGETIC SPACE: Heal and release stored trauma from your nervous system so you can fully embody your power and arrive into yourself as a divine, wealthy and self-led lighthouse that says ‘this is who I am’
  • AWAKEN YOUR SOUL: Achieve higher states of consciousness as your gifts come online for you to fly. Not walk. Not sustain. Not run. FLY and feel deep levels of wholeness and freedom within… You will experience a soul level awakening to live a full, connected and FREE life.
  • EMBED SELF-TRUST: Embody deeper levels of safety and trust within yourself and your inner/higher guidance. Upgrade your expression of love, abundance and power into your business and life. No longer question yourself, your choices and your decisions.

It’s time to step into

While other events and programs give you pieces of what you need, your session will combine multi-level profound healings to create a holistic transformation, all in one place and time.

Your healing is not linear. You can’t just go clear your energy, heal your mind, then your body and then go and free your soul. We don’t operate in pieces and neither should our healing.

You can sign up for other courses – and get information or you can dive right in and EXPERIENCE deep levels of profound transformation with me.

This online event will not be about you learning anything more – you have done so much work already, that’s not what you need!! – this will be UNLEARNING everything so that you can become who you truly are!

  • BODY ALCHEMY: You will never be able to out-earn more or truly be the lighthouse you are than you are able to be present in your body. Your body houses trauma from your own bloodline that we need to heal – one where we get to break the chains to truly start being in your liberation. You will be guided into powerful movement and body alchemy. Bones shaking. Chains breaking. Visions activated.
  • ENERGETIC SURGERY: Your nervous system’s ability to receive Higher and FASTER levels of success is the missing link without depleting yourself, shrinking back, leaping and retreating energy… This is the exact method I use with my clients to bring results like 100k launches, anxiety gone, thyroid restored, energy freed up in your system to support consistent creative energy and sustainable growth. You will undergo “energetic surgery: that is potent, painless and precise as Rosie pulls out the blocks and prepares your nervous system for more incoming energy. 
  • ADVANCED HYPNOSIS: 95% of everything is stored in your sub-conscious! Reprogram your belief system around your worth with powerful hypnotic regression to rewire and upgrade your subconscious using my unique 3-part deep Vortex method.
  • BREATHWORK: Free your body to clear any remnants, reset your nervous system and elevate your consciousness. We will reset your Vagus nerve, activate your parasympathetic nervous system, clear your energy channels and so much more…!

Where you will emerge forever changed from the inside out and be the rock solid Lighthouse you came here to be.

You will be part of a global community of Lighthouse Leaders and change makers on this journey with you!

And it doesn’t stop there. I am offering a special bonus session post healing to help you integrate your experience into every day life so you can create the real change that LASTS.

This isn’t your average event. This is seriously DEEP work.

We ONLY want Lighthouses to join who are committed and ready for full mind blowing quantum and breakthroughs.

Your healing continues WAY BEYOND the event. This is designed to CHANGE YOU LONG AFTER THE SESSION.

  • FULL REPLAY WITH LIFETIME ACCESS: If you cannot attend online live, we’ve got you covered! There will be replays and recordings made available to you immediately and you will have lifetime program access to all the additional tools, extra bonuses and information you need!
  • TRANSFORMATIONAL REWIRING: 21 day hypnosis rewiring to permanently embed the new neural pathways and install your LIGHTHOUSE ACTIVATION around beliefs, feelings and actions. You will receive NEW CODES specific for you to fully step in and be the Lighthouse you are here to be.
  • 1 X 2 HOUR LIVE GROUP INTEGRATION SESSION: 14 days after your major healing and rewiring to receive hands on guidance and coaching and real time support as you continue to transform
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: Private Facebook Group to share your experiences, ask questions and get real-time feedback from me personally 


Sunday 1st May 2022 at 5.00pm AEST (Brisbane time) / 9.00am CEST

Now is the time for you to step into your light and freedom!

You don’t want to miss out on this very rare opportunity so purchase your ticket now!

Your Investment: $222

Rosie Chehade is an International Best Selling Author and Leading Transformational Success + Master Coach, Speaker and Mentor in the coaching and consciousness industry.

She is internationally renowned for leading the best spiritual retreats and transformational group intensives in the world and is a spiritual advisor and business coach for some of the highest level CEO’s and conscious entrepreneurs, authors and multiple 6 + 7 figure businesses.

She holds a masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTTA), the unique and proven Western Mindfulness, with an emphasis on Awareness, Health and Healing.

Her powerful work is the first of its kind combining conscious and sub-conscious reprogramming with the step-by-step strategies. She takes a DEEP holistic approach by blending the mental, emotional, financial AND spiritual worlds into a truly Transformational experience.


 Sunday 1st May 2022 at 5.00pm AEST (Brisbane time) / 9.00am CEST

You don’t want to miss out on this very rare opportunity so purchase your ticket now!

If you cannot attend live, there will be full access to the REPLAYS made available to you.

The moment you sign up you have entered the energetic container with me.

Your investment: $222