Soul Aligned Business Strategy

I help my clients with soul aligned business strategy, but that comes later. Energetic and healing work where the magic is, which is why I spend most of my time there with clients.

BECOMING MORE OF WHO YOU ARE IS WHAT WILL MAGNETISE YOUR CLIENTS TO YOU (not your messaging, or your strategy).  You think that it’s your strategy, marketing, and offers that are stunting your business growth but it’s not true. Or at least it’s not the main reason. That’s why 80% of what I do with … Read more

The women in my world get to have it all

The women in my world get to have it all. The fuck yes business, the body that feels safe, the money, impact, and luxuries of life.

We lead with pleasure and open the door to unlimited wealth. Our shadows become powerful businesses. Through our initiations, we reclaim our power.  Our wealth has staying power because it’s rooted in desire, a stabilised nervous system, and divine feminine magnetism. We move with precision and the YES of our soul.   It’s not just about … Read more

Pilgrimage of the Divine Feminine – Greece

It all began in Greece. I was living inside what I can only describe as a postcard in Santorini. And I had a deep sense that something big was coming. Not knowing what exactly, but it felt grand. And it included A LOT of letting go. Thira COMMANDED ALL OF MY PRESENCE – the internet … Read more

My Initiation into Pleasure – Egypt

I could say, “I went on a sacred pilgrimage devoted to the Divine Feminine in Greece, Southern France and Egypt, and changed.” But the truth is, “I went on these sacred pilgrimages, and I remembered who I am…” The truth is, every journey, moment, rupture, happening is helping us become who we were always meant … Read more

Mary Magdalene Raising Me Up

My personal journey and pilgrimage dedicated to the powerful energy of Mary Magdalene. The divine feminine journey of the heart.

As tears poured down flushed cheeks from the steep climb up and up and up the mountain called Mother of Waters, sacred to Isis, each step holy ground… where the energy of the forest is beyond powerful that has been walked for centuries by Kings and Queens and others in pilgrimage. I turn the corner … Read more

Heal your Nervous System for True Success

Learning to heal your nervous system is the KEY 🔑 to healing (it’s not in the mindset)! It’s our energy that impacts how we think, react, feel + relate to the world around us. In order to fully heal, we need to release unresolved trauma housed in cells of our body. Anything that causes you … Read more

Healing your Past to Leap Forward

Healing your past to LEAP forward, Healing our wounds leads to transformation and success in a RAPID space of time.

Many of the patterns we struggle with as adults, stem from very real FEARS that keep us stuck. Our patterns of self-doubt, visibility fears, insecurity, uncertainty, self-sabotage, people-pleasing, over-giving, self-judgment, comparison, money blocks, are all just symptoms of the deeper issues that stem from our childhood. The cause of these symptoms boil down to 3 … Read more

Shifting into the Channel of Neutrality

Without neutrality - our own desires become heavy. We are of the illusion that it all has to come from us and that can feel so f***ing heavy.

Ready for some GOLD today? This isn’t about Abraham Hicks. This isn’t about affirming “I am a money magnet.” This isn’t about receiving. This is about your divine feminine uniting with your masculine energy so you can step into your energetic wholeness. Once we’re in union, we’re whole – we’re not broken or trying to fix … Read more

Frequency of Wealth: Masculine + Feminine

Money and wealth isn’t a mindset issue, it requires you to unite your King aka Masculine and Queen aka Feminine within you.

Lean in, because this email holds KEY codes for you to know around Wealth. I see sooo many business owners working on their money mindset when money isn’t a mindset issue. It requires you to unite your King aka Masculine and Queen aka Feminine within you. We all have masculine and feminine within us. When … Read more

9 Better Ways to Be More Productive

Productivity is less about what you do with your time and more about how you run your mind. – Robin S. Sharma  There are a million ways to measure a day. Productivity is only one of them. Yes, box-ticking and inbox-mastery make it easy to measure our efforts and make us feel like our day adds … Read more