Frequency of Wealth: Masculine + Feminine

Lean in, because this email holds KEY codes for you to know around Wealth.

I see sooo many business owners working on their money mindset when money isn’t a mindset issue.

It requires you to unite your King aka Masculine and Queen aka Feminine within you.

We all have masculine and feminine within us.

When it comes to safety and pleasure – they are together.

Safety is the KING within you and pleasure is the QUEEN within you.

You experience peak pleasure when you’re most connected with your feminine energy.

You experience peak safety when you’re in your healthy masculinity.

Money CANNOT circulate through you as fluently in the way it wants to when the King and Queen are at odd with themselves.

Watch as I share how to unite BOTH the masculine and feminine within you for money to be able to circulate more fluidly through your energetic channels.

When the King says, “I will abandon my own heart aka my Queen to go do and prove that I am enough”, she will never ever trust you. She will never trust money. She will never feel safe (ever!!) – and even have pleasure. She will consistently be at war with herself.

When your inner-King is not sending the signal to your inner-Queen that says, “my love, you are safe. Breathe and receive…”

Your inner-Queen says, “I can’t trust you or $$ – I’m just going to spend you or use you for my instant gratification”. Your Queen will continue to crave safety and spiral in shame around pleasure and spending.

Your inner-King will always feel worthless – and it will crumble.

What ends up happening on the front end? You will lean into your wounded feminine where you’re constantly longing and craving for something in the form of wealth, love, safety, security, freedom. 

The financial trauma you hold within your bloodline influences the safety and pleasure you will experience with money long-term. You must re-design your relationship with money from your nervous system NOT mindset or vibration.

This goes deep… really deep.

This is about your divine feminine energy uniting with your masculine energy so that you can step into energetic wholeness.

Did this video resonate with you?

If you’re looking to up your worth to wealth game in a way where you’re not just reciting some Abraham Hicks affirmation, comment below. 

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