Alicante, Spain

Friday 19th August – Monday 22nd August 2022

What if a single weekend can change the course of your life?

Want a weekend in a true zen oasis in one of the most unique UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Spain? Look no further. We have 100% outdone ourselves on this one!

This is our goal. We want you TO HAVE A once IN A lifetime EXPERIENCE.

Our Total Reset Retreat is FINALLY here!! And boy oh boy, is it GORGEOUS!

A true retreat curated around transformation in ALL WAYS where you will accelerate your growth and transformation…

One where you will have time and space to repair, restore and reconnect with yourself in comfort and tranquillity.

A chance to revel in the peace of this unique sanctuary within the city.

A chance to see who you become in it.

And a chance to bring it all home, into your mind and into your heart with an experience you’ll never forget!

Are you ready to escape to a tranquil sanctuary, awaken your heart, activate your wisdom and say YES to you?

Limited spots available, book now!

This retreat is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

It is a weekend of Revolutionary Integrative Healing combined with High Performance Mastery that is designed to remove any energetic blocks around your heart, mind and soul and give you sustained and heightened levels of success and abundance you truly desire and dream of.

Hidden away in a place of absolute seclusion, this entire retreat will instill a sense of luxury into every aspect of your time with us, providing you with unconditional support and service throughout your stay!

Join us for the most radical and powerful weekend you can ever experience, supercharge your energetic frequency + align your vibration to inner peace and love.

Change is all a matter of mindset, energetics + inspiration!

You will receive the space and support you need to not only heal, but discover TRUE happiness, vitality and clarity in your wellbeing.

Immerse yourself in a transformative environment and discover who you truly are.

Limited Spots Available.

Through a potent journey of conscious, sub-conscious and deep energetic healing of embodiment and breathwork, Rosie will support you to let go and peel away your conditioned belief symptoms that aren’t serving you anymore, so that you can more fully embody the unconditional love you truly are, and live the largest expression of yourself.

You will be guided to reconnect to your highest levels of energy, engagement and success, as well as grounding yoga classes and mindfulness meditations with Pauline, that will provide you with the most easy to apply guidance and tools to live with more intention, be healthier, find your own emotional truths and have better relationships in your life.

All areas that are essential to give you the success and joy you want and deserve!

And best of all in an environment where you get to more fully experience the inner stillness that illuminates who you truly are.

As you awaken to this radiance, you’ll more naturally expand into greater levels of clarity, energy, joy, trust, creativity and love in your life.

What your weekend looks like with Pauline + Rosie:
  • CONNECT: Once you check in on Friday, you will take time to centre yourself in the incredible vibes of Palmeral de Elche,  and start to lap up the beauty and serenity that surrounds you.
  • SOUL-ALIGNMENT: Ground and centre into yoga, breathwork + sacred ceremony to soothe and restore your mind, body, heart and soul back into the present moment feeling aligned and clear about who you truly are.
  • AWAKEN TO YOUR WHOLENESS: We will deep dive into shifting you out of old paradigms and completely transform you’re self-limiting beliefs and unconscious blocks to being emotionally FREE and show up confidently and authentically as you really are.
  • UPGRADE YOUR SELF WORTH: Everything else is just symptoms of deeper stuff going on! Break the repeating patterns of self-doubt, not enoughness and proving that have left you feeling stuck and release them from your mind heart and soul forever.
  • DISCOVER TRUE HAPPINESS: Learn about the science of happiness and positive psychology, explore the roots for more joy in your day to day life.  
  • ACHIEVE YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL: Be the best version of yourself and have the physical energy and mental stamina to  perform at your best. High performance isn’t about working harder or more!! Learn to master the behaviours and mindsets that help you in being successful beyond the standard norms while maintaining positive well-being and relationships.
  • BE CHARGED: Discover the aspects of living a Charged Life. A life with more control, more connection, more vibrancy. And the good news, this life can be created! Learn the foundation of this charged lifestyle.
  • ANCHOR INTO SAFETY + PEACE: Release any stored trauma from your nervous system so that you can truly feel SAFE and stable in receiving greater amounts of success and abundance.
  • UNRAVEL INTO SELF-LOVE + CARE: Learn the power of unconditional love and radical self-acceptance and how to build a loving and empowering relationship with yourself. Explore the importance of balancing ‘being’ and ‘doing’ and how you can slow down and reconnect with yourself.
  • NOURISH: Enjoy a selection of amazing local and avant-garde Spanish cuisine and fully catered lunch and dinners with us.  Your morning and afternoon tea will be filled with a selection of local patisserie fresh juices, fruit, cheese and refreshing herbal teas.
  • RESET: You will experience a powerful subconscious healing session to unlock your true self so you can finally believe you are enough on a mind, body and soul level. You will get a 21 day rewiring to really cement your reset in on a deep cellular level.
  • BUILD SELF-TRUST: Break up with self-doubt and learn to to build deep trust within yourself and your inner guidance.  No longer question yourself, your choices and your decisions.  Learn how to live in integrity with your inner truth and why this is the key to an empowered life.
  • ENJOY: Beautiful harmonious Hotel Huerto del Cura, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a space for rest and relaxation such as the Jacuzzi’s, Massage rooms, Zen Oasis, and beautiful exclusive rooms and gardens.
  • CREATE: We will finish the weekend in ceremony tapping into our hearts and stepping powerfully into the world through deep visualisation filled with loving intentions that will leave you filled with peace, calm and aligned from within.

It’s time to feel…

Your all inclusive Retreat weekend includes:

  • 3 Nights 4 days onsite Retreat Accommodation (twin share or private rooms available)
  • All bedding and towels, biodegradable lush shampoo and body wash, yoga mats are all provided for (we’ve got you fully covered)
  • Full daily buffet and al la carte of fresh local and avant-garde cuisine provided on site, including morning + afternoon tea
  • Immersive transformation with your coaches
  • Mindfulness meditations + yoga sessions (mats all provided for!)
  • Open and closing Sacred Ceremonies
  • Sacred Ceremony and Visit to the Isla de Tabarca, by boat, a small island floating in the Mediterranean Sea 
  • Unwinding in the Jacuzzis of the Zen Oasis
  • Relaxing in the Swimming pool
  • Enjoying the Gym facilities
  • Breathwork + Embodiment healing experience
  • Deep ancestral healing and re-wiring + 21 day transformational rewiring to permanently embed your deep self-love journey beyond the weekend
  • Tools to keep forward movement in your life
  • Rest, play, adventure, rejuvenation
  • Private FB group for connection and integration beyond our time together
  • An experience you’ll never forget!

What to Pack:

  • Wear comfortable clothes for Yoga + healing
  • Shoes for walking
  • If you like to bring a nice outfit for evenings out
  • Swimwear for a jump in the pool or unwinding in the Jacuzzi post healing!
  • Any other personal items you may need during your stay (we’ve got the rest covered!)

Unique in the world, the Hotel Huerto del Cura is in the heart of the Palmeral de Elche, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO – the perfect place to retreat, reconnect and reinvigorate yourself.

It harmoniously brings together exclusive rooms in bungalows in the garden, spaces where you can enjoy local and avant-garde cuisine, a space for rest and relaxation such as the Jacuzzis of the Zen Oasis.

It’s the perfect sanctuary within the city to create and reignite your life, rediscover serenity and rejuvenate the soul.

Oasis Twin Share

Twin share superior accommodation in beautifully furnished rooms of the resort and have everything you are looking for.

Room includes Air Con, Free Wifi, TV, hair dryer.

All-inclusive retreat weekend including all main meals and activities.



Oasis Superior Private Room

Sleep among palm trees in your own private beautifully furnished Room that make you feel the tranquility of the Palm Grove in a unique stay.

Room includes Air con, Free Wifi, TV, Hair dryer

All-inclusive retreat weekend including all main meals and activities.


1 spot left!

What a beautiful, incredible weekend! This retreat felt so personalised and perfect in every way! I was looking everywhere and nothing grabbed me and then I saw your retreat and I knew this was it for me. I loved how safe, encouraging + non-judgmental the space has been this weekend! It was an incredible opportunity to open up and begin my amazing transformation and I cannot wait for the next one!! – Karissa Sheppard

Great speakers and teachers! They were so well prepared! I have learned so much from Rosie. She is very inspirational with a lot of positive energy and knowledge. She is very open and friendly, helpful, full of joy and straight from the heart!! As for Pauline, she is a role model of change and a prime example of someone who is successful making choices with added focus. Loved the yoga and chi gong classes! – Adelinde, The Netherlands

Empowering, inspiring and motivating to take into my life moving forward. It was very much what I needed and to have a 1:1 personalised yoga session too was icing on the cake. It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend people to attend. – Carole, Dubai

I feel so blessed to have spent such a loving, connected and absolutely wonderful weekend with all of you. I’m a lucky duck that’s for sure. Each and everyone one of you is a beautiful soul and my heart is so full of love. I’ve unlocked my expression, I’m in the seat of creativity and my gosh! What we shared as a group was so special and healing. The depth, the beauty, the exquisite energy, the synchronicities, the perfect weather, the love, the ocean, the ancestors, the safe and nurturing space, the food, the Sandy yoga, the giggles, the belly laughs, the expression of pure survival rage, the comfort, conversation, banter and hugs…. I received so much and have never felt so held, so bathed in love and so able be so authentically me. I’m forever grateful. Loved it all!  – Gretel Jane

I loved all topics! They really spoke to me. I only wish the retreat went for longer and we had more time together! Both Rosie & Pauline created a safe space and gave examples from their own life which really helped me to open up. – Louise, Belgium

This retreat opened my heart to myself. I loved the intimate group, such a perfect location to hold it and everything throughout the weekend was so thoughtful! I didn’t want it to end! Next time, add an extra day! – Suki Van K

The girls held a beautiful safe space, the yoga and meditation was amazing, the work and subconscious work was extremely powerful. Highly recommend to gift yourself this amazing day! – Sandy Wriede

Please do more retreats as I loved everything about it! The love, connection, support + food! If you are feeling lost or questioning whether you’re on the right path, you need to do this retreat! I’m walking away feeling light, calm and WORTHY! Thank you Rosie for your love and support! – Sarah Hodges

This day – what can I say!? The expertise, generosity, creativity and contribution to and from the group in itself and as a whole is life changing! I chose well to be there yesterday! Thank you so much Rosie for one of the most moving days I have experienced. Already experienced huge shifts and change today! I would repeat it down the track!! – Stella Janouris

The retreat was exactly what I needed and came at the right time. It was paramount for my journey and a massive gate opener. – Melissa Findlay

This retreat helped me to realise what has held me back, do the deeper work and gave me the tools to move forward in my life with renewed clarity and purpose. – Yasmin Parr

This retreat has been a powerful healing experience where I was able to access some deeper layers within the safe + loving space created by the facilitators. I’ve come away feeling like a new version of myself – more accepting and free! – Stacey Louise

Just superb!! An absolute spoil!!! This retreat was pure indulgence for me. All the things I love in one day! It gave me such a better way forward – self kindness, purpose, authenticity, strength, gratefulness. Lovely lovely setting, all creature comforts met PLUS. Wonderful group of women lead by two exceptional individuals who set the mood and agenda with good heartedness, love and acceptance. – Kerry Pengelly

This retreat really hit home for me. This sacred work helped to really get me out of my own way. It was so valuable in cementing and reinforcing the work I have done! I loved how Rosie took the time with each person who needed presence and attention. Felt so held. – Janey Shoufany

The retreat was such a beautiful way to honour myself. The ladies created the most loving, warm and safe space to find greater self-love and self-acceptance. I loved the beautiful open space that was created and wouldn’t change a single thing! Thank you!! – Laura Mills

Omg I loved ALL of it. Yoga, meditation, life review and the deep meditation. The food was EXCELLENT! On top of that, this retreat helped me to identify the limiting beliefs I was holding onto and to see the world through more loving wiser eyes! THANK YOU SO MUCH!Maree Watts

This retreat really touched me! It truly helped me reset my intentions and gave me clarity and insight into behaviours that I have long wanted to change but never knew how. – Aleks Brook

Pauline Leung is a Business Professional and currently works over 17 years in the largest global Cosmetics Company. She is also one of the 1000 Elite Certified High Performance Coaches (CHPC) in the world, and she is a passionate coach with a mission to guide others to gain more clarity, focus and joy. Through her work, she guides others to find their voice, live with more intention, be more inspired, and create the life they want.

In addition to being a Performance Coach, Pauline is a Yoga Guide and Holistic Health Practitioner and truly enjoys sharing her own experiences and knowledge with the world.

Pauline uses academically proven techniques to support her clients to get the most out of their days and for them to feel fully charged so they can live the life they want and deserve.

Rosie Chehade is an International Best Selling Author and Leading Transformational Success + Master Coach, Speaker and Mentor in the coaching and consciousness industry.

She is internationally renowned for leading the best spiritual retreats and transformational group intensives in the world and is a spiritual advisor and business coach for some of the highest level CEO’s and conscious entrepreneurs, authors and multiple 6 + 7 figure businesses.

She holds a masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTTA), the unique and proven Western Mindfulness, with an emphasis on Awareness, Health and Healing.

Her powerful work is the first of its kind combining conscious and sub-conscious reprogramming with the step-by-step strategies. She takes a DEEP holistic approach by blending the mental, emotional, financial AND spiritual worlds into a truly Transformational experience.

Got Questions?

Here are all your answers!

CHECK-IN TIME: 4.00PM for 5:30pm Official Opening Ceremony

CHECK-OUT TIME: 12:00pm along with our Official Closing Ceremony

Payment can be made via credit card/PayPal HERE.

Spanish Summer calls for comfortable light clothes for Yoga + healing. Good shoes for walking. Swimwear for a jump in the pool or unwinding in the Jacuzzi post healing! And nice dinner wear in the evening if you want to go out on the town!

Any other personal items you may need during your stay (we’ve got the rest covered!)

Our retreat space is located at Hotel Huerto del Cura which is in the heart of the Palmeral de Elche, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO – the perfect place to retreat, reconnect and reinvigorate yourself.

Retreat Address:

Carrer Porta de la Morera, 14, 03203 Elx, Alicante, Spain (click here for map).

Alicante Airport is just 15 mins taxi ride to the Resort for €15.  It is also located 1.7km from the Elch Carrus train station. 

Yes, for two reasons. Rosie and Pauline are focused on doing deep holistic healing which is more than just taking time out.

Energetic alignment and subconscious healing is what creates the inner and outer transformation. High Performance Coaching is truly outcome-driven. That’s one reason why clients report such high levels of satisfaction with Certified High Performance Coaching programs—they get results. The power of all three = mind blowing results.

Secondly, there is power in immersion, and literally dropping out of the real world for a few days! And, the in-person experience will support you in creating meaningful relationships with you and others and a strong inner commitment with yourself which help you in maintaining your success.

If you want to really show up for yourself, then don’t resist or postpone what’s really important to YOU.

There is always a transformation available on the other side of resistance, and if you show up with an open heart, you can have amazing breakthroughs and aha-moments in just 4 days.