Sunshine Coast, Sat 27 January 2024

The Dragon New Year of 2024 is here and you’re ready.
Ready to Rise. To go High. To go Now.

The chapter of the old will close, a new will begin.

To prepare you, myself, us…

It’s not a program.
It’s not a retreat.

It’s the most potent multi-dimensional one time in-person event of Quantum Magic to rapidly arrive into your highest most potent year.

Your next evolution is being born…

You know it’s already arrived.
You know it’s already done.

There is no room for doubt.
There is no “start”. You’ve already started.

It’s time to make an entrance in 2024.

An entrance where…

Your success is inevitable.
You expand into your next level.
You RISE. You feel your POWER.
Your money grows EXPONENTIALLY.
Your impact is INCREDIBLE.
You feel more CONFIDENT than EVER before.

You feel alive again… fully activated in your Holy YES energy asking you to trust yourself… in your business, your identity, and your mission.

Not just excited… alive.

And you’re ready to feel this CERTAINTY in your cells NOW.

It’s time to…

Portal Wide Open.
Influencing the field with your Light.
Expanding. Elevating. Receiving. Rapidly.
Full freedom. The Real kind.

Are you ready to BE the catalyst, the channel, the creative to co-create with your divinity?

Prepare for a full body experience that will leave you more on fire than ever and ready to claim this potent dragon year.

Ready to grow exponentially.

One where your HOLY YES takes to the stage.
And your original assignment lights a match in humanity.


A new course of action is here…

A new realm of business…

…of wealth.
…of vitality.
…of love.
…of holiness.

One where you will feel these codes in your cells on EVERY level. In your body, soul, business, bank account. In the most delicious + rich ways that allow you to enrich the world.


There’s a level of soul commandment that unfolds,
where you’re no longer willing to operate in the energy of your past self.

You’re here to EMBODY your Highest level divine essence, and allow your frequency –
who you BE – do the heavy lifting FOR you…

You’re here to call in those next level desires and highest level receiving and
TRANSFORM others with your presence.

And of course! You’re here to make a LOT of money…

The potent dragon Chinese New Year is when it really kicks off!

  • Gain massive clarity and insight that will take your life, success and wealth to the next level.
  • Unlock new levels of confidence deep in your bones to get automatic big moves and momentum happening for you.
  • Step into your potent power, to have consistent high receiving months, delivering your highest level magic.
  • Step into the Frequency where all limitations dissolve and realities shift.
  • Be in a room full of epic humans who inspire you to rise even higher (the energy is always OFF THE CHARTS! In person).
  • Walk into the rest of the year feeling unstoppable and empowered to play full out.

What if we could take a straight dive into who you are, unlocking new, higher levels within you?

What if you could RECEIVE far more, and with far more ease than ever before?

The love, 
The laughter, 
The joy, 
The clients, 
The support, 
The Elevation & 
The unparalleled Wealth? 

We will journey into the Unified Field – the quantum realm where everything converges into the magnificent dance of Creation. 

You’ll also experience sacred rituals and ancient wisdom harnessed from around the world for thousands of years – including breathwork, sound healing, advanced quantum technologies, energy medicine, and much more. 

The most potent multidimensional magic to shift who you BE…


Clear any stagnant and stuck energy in your field, close energetic leaks and release any old agreements not aligned to the highest. Open Safety and Power in your nervous system while you calibrate your body and energy to a higher level of receiving


Illuminate the hidden subconscious “saboteurs” that are keeping you at that proverbial ceiling… and let go of any “hidden stressors” that block your potent energy and rob you of your peace.


A major uplevel to your highest vibrational signature in who you are! – the most powerful quantum collapsed channel and timeline… Your Frequency determines what you attract in your field… The 6+7-figure Leader of you that already exists… aka the next level expression of your divine nature… to create more ease, flow and speed of results.


Secrets to collapsing time and turning on your inner “benevolent queen/king” to manifest faster and create an incredible year and life with your business.


We will activate and awaken YOUR unique template that is lying dormant in your cells. Access higher states of consciousness through your frequency, ensuring Highest Timeline creations which emanate from love.


Harness your limitless power of creation, and experience your own unique expression of the Divine.


Your nervous system’s ability to receive Higher and FASTER levels of success is the missing link without depleting yourself, shrinking back, leaping and retreating energy… This is the exact method Rosie uses with her clients to bring results like 100k launches, immediate wealth results, anxiety gone, thyroid restored, energy freed up in your system to support consistent creative energy and sustainable growth.


Free your body with a life altering breathwork and deeply nourishing and soul-aligned sound healing to clear any remnants, reset your nervous system and elevate your consciousness, using the 6th form of awakening from the ancient Tantric Kundalini Lineage. 

This is for those who are done with the playing small confinement glass ceiling box. And are ready to fully embody all that they bring to the table… NOW.

If you’re well and truly READY to step into your potent power, to have consistent high receiving months, delivering your highest level magic… we lovingly invite you to clear your calendar and BE THERE!

Saturday 27 January
2.00pm – 5.00pm
Fellow Studio, Sunshine Coast

Your Investment: $88

What to Bring:

  • Wear comfortable clothes for healing.
  • A yoga mat (we will also provide).
  • Water bottle.
  • Any other personal items you may need during the day.

You’ll walk away with an UPLEVELED Vibrational Field for your success in 2024, an UPLEVELED wealth channel and have it how you want it plan for 2024.

LOVED this so much! It was wonderful, restful, transformational. Everything is 10/10 – the facilitation, the sisterhood. All are full of love. And more love. Thank you So much! I LOVE you! – Daisy Nguyen

Such a beautiful DIVINE experience for me to receive. I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m so grateful. – Paula Mack

This was a perfect reset and connection back to myself. Every woman needs this on a regular basis. The processes. The connection. The relaxation. The Healing. When is the next one? Will definitely attend again. – Jenna Johnson

This was an amazing experience. It helped me find peace with myself! I want more!!!. – Rosie Falconi

I loved the massive healing!!! OH MY GOSH! It was perfect timing, perfect message, my life improves by 100% EVERY time I do an event with Rosie + Melina! So beautiful. – Julie Dawson

The deep healing space! This event helped me shift some perceptions, perspective deeply hidden in my subconscious. – Amelie

I loved that it had a bit of everything infused in it!! I loved the sound baths with Melina, Rosie’s healing journey’s combined with it – were amazing! The theme was relevant not just for me, but for everyone who attends. This event helped me let go of the child I once was and the energy also associated with this. You gave me the tools to change for the better!. – Karina Gilroy

I loved absolutely everything! I felt the most empowered and relaxed than I have in a VERY long time! I appreciate the gifts sooo much.. – Vanessa Jennison

The connection with like-minded women! The rest that I needed! Fantastic! Thank you both so much! – Carolyn Jackson

Rosie + Melina created such a safe space to learn, release and grow. It was just divine. Thank you! – Sonja Grundy

WOW! Very powerful way to get back to my own femininity. Love love love it. The length, the content, the breaks inbetween, the support, I felt SOO safe! OH! Love your generous spirits Rosie + Melina! – Roxy

LUSCIOUS!! LUSCIOUS! LUSCIOUS!!! I loved everything!! You, everyone, everything!! It was perfect in all ways every way! Everything was BEYOND expectations. – Sharlee Hammond

Highly recommend Rosie + Melina for their events! I especially loved the breathwork as I’ve only done it once before – it was very powerful. With so much love! – Erica French

Rosie Chehade is the founder of the Quantum School of Sacred Alchemy, a USA Today + International Best Selling Author and Highly Acclaimed Transformational Leadership + Master Success Coach, Psychic Surgeon, High level Quantum Healer, Speaker and Mentor in the Coaching and Consciousness Industry. 

She is internationally renowned for leading the best spiritual retreats and transformational group intensives in the world and is a spiritual advisor and business coach for some of the highest level CEO’s and conscious entrepreneurs, authors and multiple 6 + 7 figure businesses.

Her powerful work is SUPER REVOLUTIONARY that combines highly intuitive and advanced energetic healing (medicine that is unlike anything anyone has ever experienced before) with the conscious and subconscious re-programming. She takes a DEEP holistic approach by blending the mental, emotional, financial AND spiritual worlds into a truly Transformational experience.

Melina Demertzis is a High Priestess of the Heart, Sound Healing Facilitator, Cacao Ceremonialist and Meditation and Somatic Yoga Teacher.

Through sacred ceremony and intuitively channeled rituals, Melina holds you in a safe and healing space that will awaken you back to your home frequency of gratitude and joy.

Her mission is to provide light filled nourishing rituals for men and women to cultivate everyday peace and discover their own magic within.

For more information please email

Got Questions?

Here are all your answers!

If you think you are may be pregnant or have a severe uncontrolled physical/mental health condition, this event is strongly NOT recommended.

Absolutely YES!

Payment can be made via Eventbrite HERE.

Fellow Yoga Studio

Shop 8 311 David Low Way, Bli Bli 4560, Sunshine Coast

Click HERE for map.

  • Wear comfortable clothes for healing.
  • A yoga mat (we will also provide).
  • Water bottle.
  • Any other personal items you may need during the event.