Sunday 9 October 2022

There is nothing sweeter than surrendering into yourself.

To put YOU first, to return to your heart and hear your inner voice.

To luxuriate in your own energy and really and truly activate the innermost truths and desires of your being.

Heavenly connection. A full tune up. A plug into source that fuels your every move.

This retreat is a portal into your Divine Feminine.

An initiation into a new way of being.

Into the woman you’ve always dreamed of being.

Empowered and Embodied.

A pure channel and portal.

Pleasure is your BIRTHRIGHT! It is an ignition that creates instant access to the portal of divinity and we are so excited to guide you to these power centers within you!

Cultivate and focus this divine energy to create the life of your dreams.

Explore the enticing and alluring energy of EROS.

Bring it all home, into your heart and into your body with an experience you’ll never forget.

All you get to do is show up ready to surrender to yourself.


Through a potent journey of high end energetics, ceremony, rituals and healing, we will create our quantum container and lead you into a ceremonial space where you will meet your deepest power, discover your true essence and bathe in your radiant and sensual expression.

A safe space to open your heart and make room for your soul’s truest expression to come in.

To house the continuous expansion of your life force energy.

We will create a safe space for our spirit to roam free and listen to the messages of our being awake.

To be passionately in love with all that we are.
To return to the truth of our bodily existence moment to moment.
To really worship the vessel we are in.

To follow through what your HEART wants versus what an outside source is telling you is best for you. She is the power that exists within you. She is always guiding you.

That when you surrender into it, you fly on the wings of the divine.

A day of being taken care of, fresh organic food, high end energetics, medicine, presence, meditation and yoga.

You will go deep into practices, rituals and ceremonies with Melina and Rosie to connect, trust and dance with your inner beloved, the goddess of all forms and layers.

Are you ready to escape to a tranquil sanctuary and awaken your heart, activate your inner wisdom and dive deep in every part of the temple that is YOU?  


In the busy lives that we lead, we are always being pulled outwards. 

Our lives are filled with taking action, getting things done, ticking items off the to-do list and achieving our goals. 

In our attempt to keep up with all of the external demands, we can end up becoming disconnected from ourselves. 

We may feel disconnected from our feelings, our needs and wants, our deepest desires and from what makes us happy, calm and nourished. 

These are all signs that we are out of alignment with our true self.

Our being is desiring to be plugged back into the never ending source of love and well being that lives within us.

We need to learn how to consciously unplug, nurture ourselves and get back in tune 
with our hearts, bodies and inner wisdom. 

The journey we walk, 
to heal our relationship with ourselves, 
to embrace what we deem as flaws, 
to love the parts we feel are broken, 
is no small journey to walk. 

It is a journey that requires us to crack our hearts open, 
so we can unravel our judgments and criticisms, 
and unlearn the stories which make us feel unworthy. 
It is a journey that requires us to shift our perspective, 
so we can see our light and brilliance, 
and finally give ourselves the acceptance, praise, approval and kindness that we have been craving for years. 

Come and join us to open your heart, fully embody your divine feminine power, and awaken to your radiance.

What your day looks like with Melina + Rosie:
  • CONNECT: Drop in to connection with yourself and your sisters as you openly share and lap up the beauty and serenity that surrounds you.
  • ALIGN: Ground into a soul-nourishing morning meditation and heart-opening yin yoga session to soothe and restore your mind, body and soul back into the present moment. 
  • CACAO CEREMONY + RITUAL: To gently guide you back to your body and connect you with the frequency of gratitude so you can drop into your heart space.
  • HEART HEALING + ACTIVATION: The heart has an energetic frequency thousands of times stronger than the mind! Matters of the heart are everything and is what is quite literally blocking greater wealth and expansion in our lives. This is the key that INFORMS our nervous system. Your heart will create huge transformation and shifts in you as you access its wisdom for a truly powerful journey unlike anything you have experienced before.
  • DIVINE FEMININE ALCHEMY: Heal old woundings and shift the inner narratives as you experience high end energetics and purification. You will embody your inner priestess to carry yourself to the home within your heart.
  • EMBODIMENT + SENSUAL MAGIC: Through breath, you will meet your deepest power within your Bodily portal of wealth, discover your deepest pleasure and bathe in your radiant and sensual expression.
  • SACRED SOUNDS + CHAKRA CLEANSING: Enjoy an intuitive sound bath experience as your entire vessel receives an energetic upgrade and soul merge along with crystal bowls, koshi chimes and gentle drumming. 
  • UNLOCKING ABUNDANCE CODES: Use the magnificence of your vessel and body intelligence to unlock your true essence and power. Become the witness of your overflowing ecstatic desires.
  • THIRD EYE + WOMB AWAKENING AND ACTIVATION:  You will be guided through a powerful ritual and initiation into womanhood, queendom, the being you are birthing right now. 

You’ll leave this Retreat feeling….

  • A new sense of freedom, empowerment and confidence.
  • An awakened sensuality, intuition and inner freedom.
  • MAGNETIC – to abundance, your relationship, business!
  • Free of the mental slumps with a LUST for life that was once missing.
  • Sexy again to yourself and your partner.
  • Becoming a more pure, open channel for your creations.
  • A new community of sisters.
  • An unbreakable connection of trust with your inner beloved.
  • Long lasting energetic shifts.
  • A newfound inspiration and passion for the next steps on your path.
  • Guided ritual into womanhood, queendom, the being you are birthing right now.

Discover the beauty, peace and uniqueness of the Ridge at Maleny, nestled amongst 300 acres of tranquil landscape and pristine Sunshine Coast hinterland. Perched high on the ridge with breath-taking views across the valley.

This is a perfect location to drop out and into your heart and present moment.

Your Experience also includes:

  • The yummiest earth to plate Organic Goodness GF, DF Lunch along with nourishing Morning and Afternoon tea with the best high vibing treats.
  • Tools to keep forward movement in your life.
  • Gift bags to take home with you. These goodies will allow you to bring more harmony, self love and care into your everyday life. 
  • An experience you’ll never forget.

What to Bring:

  • Wear comfortable clothes for Yoga + healing.
  • A yoga mat (please let us know if you don’t have one and we can provide).
  • Water bottle.
  • Any other personal items you may need during the day.

Your Investment: $249

Direct Deposit payment is available by request if you wish to avoid any additional fees. Please text Rosie on 0400 152 011 or by email at

It was a time I never want to forget! This retreat helped me to anchor in what I have been working on the last year. I spent time with myself that was much needed. Great women, very well organised and held. The sound healing, the processes, the restorative yoga – it was excellent value for money and time. – Zsofia Popplewell

An amazing retreat that allowed, rest, connection in combination with deep teaching, healing and wisdom. Rosie and Melina went over and above to care for us and made me feel important, seen and heard. I left feeling light, empowered and full of love… I have clarity and a deep desire to continue to follow my dharma. The retreat has not only delved in deeper to me, but has deepened my connection with God. – Rashi Cottrell

This retreat helped me to reset and reconnect to my true self and solidify and concrete my purpose. I absolutely loved connecting with beautiful feminine energy and everything was exquisite. The only thing that would make it better is MORE. I had a cracker of a weekend and Rosie and Melina are top chicks. Continue to be the bright shining beacons of love, wisdom and light that you are. – Faith Hobson

This retreat gave me the space to rest, restore, renew and RESET. Most importantly, come home to myself (and see myself). The combination of Rosie’s and Melina’s work brought such a beautiful combination of both Powerful yet gentle and nourishing touch. Thank you beautiful ladies. – Georgia Rhodes

I feel so blessed to have spent such a loving, connected and absolutely wonderful weekend with all of you. I’m a lucky duck that’s for sure. Each and everyone one of you is a beautiful soul and my heart is so full of love. I’ve unlocked my expression, I’m in the seat of creativity and my gosh! What we shared as a group was so special and healing. The depth, the beauty, the exquisite energy, the synchronicities, the perfect weather, the love, the ocean, the ancestors, the safe and nurturing space, the food, the Sandy yoga, the giggles, the belly laughs, the expression of pure survival rage, the comfort, conversation, banter and hugs…. I received so much and have never felt so held, so bathed in love and so able be so authentically me. I’m forever grateful. Loved it all!  Rosie and Melina you both seriously rock in so many ways!!! – Gretel Jane

This retreat was such a DIVINE space – of light, beauty, nourishing food and world class amenities! It was such a powerful container – for the alchemy of the heart, where we profoundly came back to ourselves! From the cathartic journey, the shadow work, the subconscious healing and breathwork to the opening and closing ceremonies together and all the guidance in between, no words. – Genevieve Messenger

Words can’t explain what I have taken away from this Sacred Reset. The space that was created to heal, feel and to be. The energy, love safety I have felt the moment I arrived. This weekend has been perfect in all ways for me. It was exactly what my soul needed. Thank you for seeing me and creating this beautiful sacred safe space for me to bring my true self. To heal the wounds, cleanse and reset. I feel blessed to have shared this journey with you all. – Tracey Charles

This is not 5 stars – it’s 10!!! The high vibration, the support to step in to my enlightenment! This event helped me to be visible to myself. To learn to step into my true identity. The love and support that was given to me to do this was amazing. If you are looking for the real you, to unlock past trauma’s and ancestral blockages then you have to do this retreat. – Sharyn Perfect

Please do more retreats as I loved everything about it! The love, connection, support + food! If you are feeling lost or questioning whether you’re on the right path, you need to do this retreat! I’m walking away feeling light, calm and WORTHY! Thank you Melina + Rosie for your love and support! – Sarah Hodges

This day – what can I say!? The expertise, generosity, creativity and contribution to and from the group in itself and as a whole is life changing! I chose well to be there yesterday! Thank you so much Rosie + Melina for one of the most moving days I have experienced. Already experienced huge shifts and change today! I would repeat it down the track!! – Stella Janouris

You have to do this retreat because you will be surrounded with loving facilitators who go beneath the surface level and help transform you and your feeling of not enoughness from the inside out! No matter how much work you have done on yourself, this shit will blow your mind!! Amazing! Maryanne Riley

This retreat has been a powerful healing experience where I was able to access some deeper layers within the safe + loving space created by the facilitators. I’ve come away feeling like a new version of myself – more accepting and free! – Stacey Louise

Just superb!! An absolute spoil!!! This retreat was pure indulgence for me. All the things I love in one day! It gave me such a better way forward – self kindness, purpose, authenticity, strength, gratefulness. Lovely lovely setting, all creature comforts met PLUS. Wonderful group of women lead by two exceptional individuals who set the mood and agenda with good heartedness, love and acceptance. – Kerry Pengelly

Rosie and Melina’s retreat really hit home for me. This sacred work helped to really get me out of my own way. It was so valuable in cementing and reinforcing the work I have done! I loved how Rosie and Melina took the time with each person who needed presence and attention. Felt so held. – Janey Shoufany

The retreat was such a beautiful way to honour myself. Rosie and Melina created the most loving, warm and safe space to find greater self-love and self-acceptance. I loved the beautiful open space that was created and wouldn’t change a single thing! Thank you!! – Laura Mills

Omg I loved ALL of it. Yoga, meditation, life review and the deep meditation. The food was EXCELLENT! On top of that, this retreat helped me to identify the limiting beliefs I was holding onto and to see the world through more loving wiser eyes! THANK YOU SO MUCH!Maree Watts

This retreat really touched me! It truly helped me reset my intentions and gave me clarity and insight into behaviours that I have long wanted to change but never knew how. – Aleks Brook

Rosie Chehade is an International Best Selling Author and Leading Transformational Success + Master Coach, Psychic Surgeon, Quantum Healer, Speaker and Mentor in the coaching and consciousness industry.

She is internationally renowned for leading the best spiritual retreats and transformational group intensives in the world and is a spiritual advisor and business coach for some of the highest level CEO’s and conscious entrepreneurs, authors and multiple 6 + 7 figure businesses.

Her powerful work is SUPER REVOLUTIONARY that combines highly intuitive and advanced energetic healing (medicine that is unlike anything anyone has ever experienced before) with the conscious and subconscious re-programming. She takes a DEEP holistic approach by blending the mental, emotional, financial AND spiritual worlds into a truly Transformational experience.

Melina Demertzis is a Heart Based Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga Teacher.  Melina was initially drawn to yoga and mindfulness for its ability to connect body, mind and spirit and was soon addicted to the soothing qualities of the practices.

Using conscious breath, feel good gentle yoga and peaceful mindfulness practices, Melina brings a gentle, calming and soothing energy to her classes.  Her mission is to create a space of stillness, peace and spaciousness for people to connect back to their heart.

Her soft, feminine presence will leave you feeling nurtured, calm and grounded.

She believes mindfulness, meditation and yoga is for absolutely everyone and is passionate about sharing this with the world.

For more information please email

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