Bonnieux, Southern France

June 17th – 24th, 2023



Something hugely sacred is about to happen.

A portal opening into your Divine Feminine.

A woman on fire.
Ablaze with electric passion.

Genius activated.
Womb awakened.
Heart tender and pure.

No longer afraid, owning the depth of ALL of you.

The mage within, the sorceress undone, the wild untethered great mother beckoning you forward to lay down everything that isn’t raw and true.

Your will matching hers. Your trust a golden thread weaved through every moment.

Sipping the sweet honey of awakening.
Bathing in Eros.
Submerging in totality.

Allowing yourself to relish and cherish all the textures of your soul.

One with all.

She is the power that exists within you.
And she is the medicine to heal the world.

You are her.

Join us for the most radical and powerful week you can ever experience, in the most stunning and picturesque landscapes of the Provence Region of Southern France.

Supercharge your energetic frequency and watch in awe the unfolding of your being awake in her presence.

An endless journey into the divine.

A chance to revel + heal in a whole new way.

A chance to bring it all home into your mind, into your heart and into your body with an experience you’ll never forget!

You hold the keys to your deepest love affair, the one with you and you. Will you answer the call?

Are you ready to Harness your Divine Feminine, Awaken your heart,
Activate your wisdom and say YES to you?

Limited spots available, book now!

  • LA-SAINTE-BAUME + GROTTE DE SAINTE MARIE MADELEINE (Cave of Magdalene): We will take the literal journey up to the grotto where the energy of the forest is beyond powerful. We walk along a tranquil trail through the forest on a path that has been walked for centuries by Kings and Queens and others in Pilgrimage, arriving at the beautiful cave. This mountain called Mother of Waters, sacred to Isis, has been considered holy ground for thousands of years.  The energy of the divine feminine is strong here.  There are many versions of Mary’s life in Egypt, England , Provence France, Languedoc France and elsewhere – several of which said she was part of the Isis lineage as was Mother Mary.  Some say there were sacred ceremonies done in the cave in the traditions of the priestesses of Isis.  You are encouraged to let go of what you think to be the truth and allow the divine feminine energy to connect to your heart. 
  • CHAPEL ST. PILON: where it was said Mary Magdalene was raised up here by angels.
  • THE MAGICAL AND ELUSIVE CAVE OF EGGS: the secret cave along the mountain crest, named as the place of rebirth, hidden from the public eye, where her transmission and presence is as powerful as if you are standing right next to her… we will journey quite literally into the womb of the divine and enter a deep initiation of feminine power and presence sacred to Mary Magdalene.
  • BASILICA OF MARY MAGDALENE: We will also visit the town of Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume where we visit the Basilique Sainte-Marie-Madeleine where the skull of Mary Magdalene is kept in a crypt. 

This retreat is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Sacred Feminine Rituals weave the path we will be walking together.

We will go deep into the alchemical mysteries and encoded secrets,
dance in the delight of deep connections,
revel in the beauty of the Provence Region,
to the magic and mysteries of Magdalene herself,
to each other and most importantly to our own wise selves.

You will meet your deepest power, discover your true essence and bathe in your radiant and sensual expression.

Come heal, awaken, laugh, cry, explore, have so much pleasure, fun and bliss and RISE anew.

Over the course of this beautifully transformative week together, you will experience the profound healing energy of Mary Magdalene, right in the magnificent sacred sites and French countryside of Southern France.

You will go deep into ancient feminine practices, high end energetics, rituals and healing to connect, trust and dance with your inner beloved, the goddess of all forms and layers.

  • SUBTLE MAGIC: Your wombspace holds the center Flame of your Feminine Power. Through the guidance of Lady Hathor – Goddess of Sexuality and Ecstasy, you will be reminded of the magnificence from which you came.
  • SACRED BODY AWAKENING: Your heart carries the center Flame of your Truth. Through the guidance of Mother Mary – Queen of Angels, you will practice unconditional love while wounds you have been carrying will completely melt and dissolve.
  • ACTIVATE YOUR GENIUS: the mind holds the center flame of your Wisdom. Through the guidance of Mary Magdalene, you will receive powerful transmissions of your next steps that is made tangible using your divine gifts.

A space to open your heart and make room for your soul’s truest expression to come in.

To house the continuous expansion of your life force energy.

You will source a greater connection to the Divine Feminine within.

Trusting, Opening, Flowing, Releasing.

…This Retreat will reawaken your whole being…

Come and join us to open your heart, fully embody your divine feminine power and awaken to your radiance.


What are you waiting for?
Limited Spots Available.

  • RELISH PROVENCE EXCEPTIONAL TREASURES: Experience some of Provence’s finest culture and sample local wines at the best circuits of cellars and vinyards of the Luberon.
Provence conceals treasures such as truffles, olive oils, honey, tapenades, medicinal flowers, fragrant flowers (lavender…) without forgetting the wildlife, foxes, wild boars, hares and birds of prey who live peacefully in the park and in the Forest. des Cèdres where the estate is located.
  • PLAY: SOOO much pleasure + play! Explore the classic medieval French villages and grand picturesque hilltop villages of Luberon villages, the Unesco’s prestigious Avignon, Gordes and Roussillon as well as Senanque Abbey in the middle of stunning landscapes of Provence Region.
  • ENJOY: the most splendid stone Mas and haven of peace at the foot of the Monts du Luberon. Surrounded by local vineyards offers, and views of natural wonder, stunning swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna as well as bike rides and hiking, horse riding to the adjoining the Luberon Natural Park and Cedar Forest, and medieval village of Bonnieux and so much more.

  • UNLOCK ABUNDANCE CODES: Use the magnificence of your vessel and body’s intelligence to unlock your true essence and power. Become the witness of your overflowing ecstatic desires.
  • HEART HEALINGS + ACTIVATIONS: The heart has an energetic frequency thousands of times stronger than the mind! Matters of the heart are everything and is what is quite literally blocking greater wealth and expansion in our lives. This is the key that INFORMS our nervous system. Your heart will create huge transformation and shifts in you as you access its wisdom for a truly powerful journey unlike anything you have experienced before.
  • RESET: Your body is the portal! You will also experience powerful high end energetics and subconscious healing sessions to unlock your true self and fully embed the Magdalene Frequency you receive so you can awaken your light codes already within you. You will get a 21 day rewiring to really cement your reset in on a deep cellular level.

You will be forever changed in the sacredness of Magdalene, Goddess Hathor and Isis and Mother Mary Frequencies.

Your all inclusive Retreat week includes:

  • 7 Nights luxury stay at our stunning stone retreat house dating back to 16th, 17th and 18th century surrounded by luxe French countryside in one the finest villages in the area
  • Full daily creative beautiful, local/organic meals per day catered by our exceptional local in-house chef
  • All bedding and towels, biodegradable lush shampoo and body wash, yoga mats are all provided for (we’ve got you fully covered)
  • All transportation to day trip locations and excursions we do in the region for the week!
  • Wine Tastings of the Luberon
  • Excursions to Cassis, in the Camargue with its preserved fauna and flora or on the beaches of the Var along Marseille coastline
  • Your Sacred Pilgrimage to Mary Magdalene sacred sites
  • Celebration of Summer Equinox together
  • Immersive transformational high end energetics and classes led by Rosie and Rashida  
  • Mindfulness meditations + yoga sessions (mats all provided for!)
  • Sacred Ceremonies including Cacao
  • Somatic Dance + Sensual Magic
  • Sound Bath Healings
  • All leisure activities for you to enjoy such as local markets, hiking, bike riding, horse riding, massages
  • Relaxing in Swimming pool
  • Unwinding in the jacuzzi and sauna
  • Breathwork + Embodiment healing experience
  • High End Energetics, Ancient Feminine Medicine and light frequencies…
  • Deep ancestral healing and re-wiring + 21 day transformational rewiring to permanently embed your deep self-love journey beyond the weekend
  • Tools to keep forward movement in your life
  • Rest, play, adventure, rejuvenation
  • Private FB group for connection and integration beyond our time together
  • A priceless, transformative, deeply nourishing and liberating experience in the most magical location with heart centered women who are to become soul sisters for a lifetime
  • An experience you will never forget!

What is NOT included:

  • Your flight/train to Marseille or Bonnieux (Marseille is the closest airport to our retreat location and Bonnieux is the nearest town.)

Bonnieux Mas is a beautiful old stone Provencal house in one of the finest magnificent villages in the area. The property is located in the heart of an exceptional national park. Its beauty is old world and gently situated in the Luberon, where no pesticides and minimal pollution is standard. All your senses awaken, as you stroll in the landscaped garden, surrounded by fruit trees, intoxicated by all the Mediterranean essences, amazed by the ancient residences in the park. Admire the vast plaines planted with grape vines, lavender fields and fruit trees!

Bonnieux is a village dating back to the 16th, 17th and 18th century as a wealthy village. You will discover a beautiful view of the monds du Vaucluse and the villages of Gordes and Roussillon.

Twin Share (1 SPOT LEFT!)

Twin share accommodation in the most beautifully spacious and furnished rooms with separate beds for comfort and privacy. Each room includes its own private bathroom.

Rooms are first-come-first-served and low-occupancy rooms will go quickly. Trust that the room you book is the room you were meant to have. All-inclusive retreat week including all main meals and activities.

€3,300 paid in full or

€1650 (2 x payments)

It was a time I never want to forget! This retreat helped me to anchor in what I have been working on the last year. I spent time with myself that was much needed. Great women, very well organised and held. The sound healing, the processes, the restorative yoga – it was excellent value for money and time. – Zsofia Popplewell

I feel so blessed to have spent such a loving, connected and absolutely wonderful weekend with all of you. I’m a lucky duck that’s for sure. Each and everyone one of you is a beautiful soul and my heart is so full of love. I’ve unlocked my expression, I’m in the seat of creativity and my gosh! What we shared as a group was so special and healing. The depth, the beauty, the exquisite energy, the synchronicities, the perfect weather, the love, the ocean, the ancestors, the safe and nurturing space, the food, the Sandy yoga, the giggles, the belly laughs, the expression of pure survival rage, the comfort, conversation, banter and hugs…. I received so much and have never felt so held, so bathed in love and so able be so authentically me. I’m forever grateful. Loved it all!  – Gretel Jane

This retreat helped me to reset and reconnect to my true self and solidify and concrete my purpose. I absolutely loved connecting with beautiful feminine energy and everything was exquisite. The only thing that would make it better is MORE. I had a cracker of a weekend and Rosie and Melina are top chicks. Continue to be the bright shining beacons of love, wisdom and light that you are. – Faith Hobson

This retreat gave me the space to rest, restore, renew and RESET. Most importantly, come home to myself (and see myself). The combination of Rosie’s and Melina’s work brought such a beautiful combination of both Powerful yet gentle and nourishing touch. Thank you beautiful ladies. – Georgia Rhodes

This is not 5 stars – it’s 10!!! The high vibration, the support to step in to my enlightenment! This event helped me to be visible to myself. To learn to step into my true identity. The love and support that was given to me to do this was amazing. If you are looking for the real you, to unlock past trauma’s and ancestral blockages then you have to do this retreat. – Sharyn Perfect

You have to do this retreat because you will be surrounded with loving facilitators who go beneath the surface level and help transform you and your feeling of not enoughness from the inside out! No matter how much work you have done on yourself, this shit will blow your mind!! Amazing! Maryanne Riley

This retreat was such a DIVINE space – of light, beauty, nourishing food and world class amenities! It was such a powerful container – for the alchemy of the heart, where we profoundly came back to ourselves! From the cathartic journey, the shadow work, the subconscious healing and breathwork to the opening and closing ceremonies together and all the guidance in between, no words. – Genevieve Messenger

Words can’t explain what I have taken away from this retreat. The space that was created to heal, feel and to be. The energy, love safety I have felt the moment I arrived. This weekend has been perfect in all ways for me. It was exactly what my soul needed. Thank you for seeing me and creating this beautiful sacred safe space for me to bring my true self. To heal the wounds, cleanse and reset. I feel blessed to have shared this journey with you all. – Tracey Charles

This retreat has been a powerful healing experience where I was able to access some deeper layers within the safe + loving space created by the facilitators. I’ve come away feeling like a new version of myself – more accepting and free! – Stacey Louise

Just superb!! An absolute spoil!!! This retreat was pure indulgence for me. All the things I love in one day! It gave me such a better way forward – self kindness, purpose, authenticity, strength, gratefulness. Lovely lovely setting, all creature comforts met PLUS. Wonderful group of women lead by two exceptional individuals who set the mood and agenda with good heartedness, love and acceptance. – Kerry Pengelly

This retreat really hit home for me. This sacred work helped to really get me out of my own way. It was Please do more retreats as I loved everything about it! The love, connection, support + food! If you are feeling lost or questioning whether you’re on the right path, you need to do this retreat! I’m walking away feeling light, calm and WORTHY! Thank you Melina + Rosie for your love and support! – Sarah Hodges

Rosie Chehade is an International Best Selling Author and Leading Transformational Success + Master Coach,  Psychic Surgeon, Quantum Healer, Speaker and Mentor in the coaching and consciousness industry.

She is internationally renowned for leading the best spiritual retreats and transformational group intensives in the world and is a spiritual advisor and business coach for some of the highest level CEO’s and conscious entrepreneurs, authors and multiple 6 + 7 figure businesses.

With over 16+ years of personal and professional experience, her powerful work is SUPER REVOLUTIONARY that combines highly intuitive and advanced energetic healing (medicine unlike anything anyone has ever experienced before) with the conscious and the subconscious. 

She takes a DEEP holistic approach by blending the mental, emotional, financial AND spiritual worlds into a truly Transformational experience.


Rashida Cottrell, (Rashi) is co-founder of Stretch and Flow Academy. She is a qualified pharmacist, yoga teacher, sound healer, reiki practitioner, mindfulness coach and transformational facilitator. 

Rashi powerfully combines both Eastern and Western principals to help women reclaim their Peace, Passion, and Purpose. Her unique approach is the first of its kind, where spirituality meets science. Rashi has brought these profound two modalities together to facilitate deep transformation with a tremendous amount of people to help them break free from the striving and struggle that has been keeping them stuck, fearful and in survival mode.

Rashi brings soft, feminine, nurturing energy to her teachings and believes that when we allow the alchemy of all the teachings, this is when the magic happens. 

She lives on the Sunshine Coast with her husband and 6 children.

For more information please email rosie@happinesslifestyle.com.au.

Pre-retreat suggested books

Mary Magdalene Revealed by Meggan Watterson

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene reveals a very different love story from the one we’ve come to refer to as Christianity. In Mary Magdalene Revealed, available for the first time in paperback, Harvard-trained theologian Meggan Watterson leads us verse by verse through Mary’s gospel to illuminate the powerful teachings it contains.

Anna by Claire Heartstrong & Catherine Ann Clemmett

This book gives a completely new perspective on the gnostic Mount Carmel Essene mystery school, in which Jesus and Mary Magdalene took initiations, as well as on the Holy Family and the Magdalene Order. Through Claire Heartsong, Anna tells not only the story of Jesus, but also the story of the women who surrounded him throughout his life.

The Magdalen Manuscript by Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion

This is Mary Magdalene’s personal story of her tantric relationship with Yeshua ben Joseph, known today as Jesus Christ. A love so deep it has survived over 2000 years of lies, to be finally told now, in this, “the beginning of the ending of time.” A High Initiate of the Temple of Isis, Mary Magdalene was the Holy Grail, the cup that carried the blood of Christ.

Got Questions?

Here are all your answers!

Recommended Airports:

Arrival by airplane

Marseille Provence Airport (40kms)

The nearest international airport is Marseille, France and it takes approx. 40 mins to drive to our retreat venue which is in Bonnieux.

You can alternatively train it to Bonnieux also.

It is SUPER easy! Just contact Rosie and she will assist you!

CHECK-IN SAT 17th JUNE: 4.00PM for 5:30pm Official Opening Ceremony

CHECK-OUT SAT 24th JUNE: 12pm along with our Official Closing Ceremony

You will be with us 7 nights in total!

Pay in full €3,300 paid in full

Payment plans available:

2 payments of€1,650 (half now, half later)

5 monthly payments of €660 (conditions apply).

Payment can be made via credit card/PayPal.

European Summer calls for:

Comfortable clothes for Yoga + healing.
Good shoes for walking and hiking
Yummy outfits for our exploration and adventures in the Provence Region.
Swimwear for a jump in the pool, sauna and jacuzzi!
And nice dinner wear in the evening when we go out in the town!

Any other personal items you may need during your stay (we’ve got the rest covered!)