Step Into The Frequency Where Elite Levels of Power Drop From Your God-State

You’ve felt her and you have those visions often… 
your business flourishing, excess and flow with your revenue, basking in the luscious wealth, the magic.

You know it’s all there.

You know that so much MORE is available to you, now.

This is the portal where you RISE to elite levels of power from your god-state and you effortlessly THRIVE in who you are becoming – in your reality, now.

The recipe is simple…


When you enter into your supreme god-state and the divine power of your soul, combined with my high-level high-touch facilitation and couture energetics: The result is instant overflow…

When you’re in this level of worth, you will no longer be outsourcing your power in order to get what you desire. You ARE the power.

When you tap into your subconscious + higher frequency states, you unlock all you need to dismantle limiting beliefs and the little begrudging voice that says “I can’t”.
You’re instantly magnetic.

When you start to live your inner truth, you finally begin to own your sense of self-worth and bring in the limitless wealth you’ve been manifesting.
It 10x’s your results.

When you become this most truest authentic version of yourself, the universe responds back with a loud, “HOLY FREAKING YES!!!”

And your business, body and bank account go BOOM.

I know that 2024 is the year that you Rise and Thrive in every way imaginable. Now is the time to take the opportunity guaranteed to bring you the success you always dreamed of!

Immerse yourself in an energetic transformation that invites infinite possibilities into your life.

What would it be like if you could…

  • Finally increase your prices and go from $25,000 to $100,000 and save enough money to buy a house in cold hard cash…
  • Receive a personal invite to be interviewed by your favourite podcast host and speak to thousands of people…
  • 100k launches + Months
  • Overly-sold out launches
  • 25k sales days
  • Fully booked out masterclasses
  • Sold out retreats
  • As rush of next level Soul-mate clients
  • 50k in 3 days 

as well as..

  • Past Trauma (including sexual) completely healed
  • Self trust wounds gone
  • Relationship with husband and children completely healed
  • 180 on relationship with partner (like new deeply trusting lovers)
  • Deep incurable Health issues completely GONE
  • Weight DROPPED without even trying
  • Debilitating Anxiety + fatigue gone
  • Deep health issues (like diabetes, endo, lymes) completely gone
  • Gifts fully activated 
  • Taking clients to deeper level healings

(P.S. These are REAL RESULTS that my Rise + THRIVE sisters really got!)

Rise + THRIVE is where you’ll experience it.

Success without limits.

Unlock a level of receiving that feels sooo good to your happy, healthy body and nervous system.

Money that makes no sense.

Power and confidence like never before.

Fully turned on pleasurable in your Divine Feminine.

Imagine yourself waking up, two months from noW…

  • Crystal clear on your vision with an action plan that feels doable?
  • Free from your biggest obstacles so they never hold you back again?
  • Cleared of unresolved doubts, fears and insecurities, and have reclaimed your power and let your light shine?
  • Released from patterns of busyness, stress and striving that leave you exhausted, and instead feeling balanced and peaceful?
  • Bursting with energy so you can thrive and live out your mission to its full capacity?
  • Doing more of what fills your cup, because when you thrive, you can stand more deeply in your mission?
  • Feeling fiercely confident, powerful, joyful and free?
  • Connected to a community of women who hold you accountable and truly see, support and celebrate you in all of your success?
  • Making a quantum leap in your income and impact and stepping more fully into your power?
  • And having the time of your life doing it???

Or are you still in exactly the same place as you are right now, wishing you could be anywhere else but here?

I’m here to tell you, you are the catalyst, the creator of your reality. This is your time to claim your True Desires as your Birthright, to witness the magic unfold in your life. You just need the right guide to show you how.

I’m Rosie Chehade, and I am so honoured to meet you, exactly as you are. 

I specialise in helping high achieving women and business owners transform their lives and businesses from the inside out, and quantum leap into their next-level success – their next level of effortless earnings, joy, wellbeing and wholeness.

I’m the founder of the Quantum School of Sacred Alchemy, a USA Today + International Best Selling Author and Highly Acclaimed Transformational Leadership + Master Success Coach, Psychic Surgeon, High level Quantum Healer, Speaker and Mentor in the Coaching and Consciousness Industry. 

Since beginning my journey 18+ years ago, I have empowered thousands globally to grow their impact driven business and quantum leap into their next-level success and wealth.


Internationally, I have been dubbed #1 in leading the best women’s spiritual retreats and transformational group intensives in the world, and I am a spiritual advisor and business coach for some of the highest level CEO’s, conscious entrepreneurs, authors and seven-figure businesses.

And I’ve helped countless women JUST LIKE YOU banish those parts of you that say, “you can’t”, “you’re not good enough”, “you’re going to fail”. These women, just like you, now know and believe that they can truly rise to the challenge – and they’re thriving!

Think of me like a tuning fork for your soul to align you to your highest truest self and embody the frequencies of your wealth flow.


  • Become their most confident and magnetic, selves. 
  • Fully activated their own gifts + abilities who have gone onto create their own schools
  • Amplify their earnings, beyond their WILDEST dreams. 
  • Get to the deep root cause of what’s holding them back so they can shed the past for good and step into their most abundant and fulfilling future. 
  • Abolish their visibility fears so they can be truly seen and create epic shifts in the world. 
  • Grow abundant soul aligned businesses – all while working less but earning more.
The thing is, this transformation is possible for anyone. I was just like you. Burnt out, exhausted, struggling.

I was powerless to self-doubt and those pesky limiting beliefs.

Self-worth and comparison had me paralysed.

Illness and trauma prevented me from really becoming my authentic self.

And this part is going to shock you. Nothing big changed; there was no big sign from the universe. No dramatic life event that propelled me into realisation.

What changed was me.

I woke up one day and knew that to rise and thrive, I had to let go of what no longer served me and rise into my own power and true self.

So I did.

What I found when I built and scaled a seven-figure business, by sharing my story with women around me, there were so many struggling with the same things that I had been. 

When I shared my story, I watched these incredible people in my life heal and grow into the person they always dreamed of being.

And there is a grounded, proven way that we did it. Your nervous system’s ability to receive higher levels of success is the MISSING LINK to everything you desire! And your HEART holds the key!

And now, I’m taking everything I’ve ever done to help my high-paying clients achieve massive success and financial freedom and giving you the very best.

The secrets to transformation and success are available for you, and it’s available, now.

It’s time for you to

Rise + Thrive

Doors are now open for the Rise + Thrive 60 Day Transformation, and call this divine timing, but you’ve found us at just the right moment!

Rise + Thrive is a transformational 60-day group journey that will help you release the things that are holding you back, instantly flow and attract your results to you like bees to honey and opens the gates to effortless ease.
This is magnetism, unlocked.

I will guide you on a powerful high frequency journey to access your divine god-state that will transform your inner and outer worlds (because both are equally important!) where your worth and wealth becomes endless.

You will receive coaching and mentoring support to help you create the deep and lasting change you desire.

Highest Worth and Highest Wealth.

Rise + Thrive is NOT a course that will throw a lot of information at you and then send you on your way – it is a very powerful Highly Divine Feminine journey and personalized mentoring circle that will have you fully embodying the alchemy. This is my speciality and it’s what sets this work apart from your average “coaching” (we don’t do average here!).


With a collective of women just like you, it’s an intimate group journey that offers lots of opportunities for enquiry, personalised feedback and integration.

When you move from this state of power, your flow never ends and never dries out. You’re not searching for any more activations – you become the activation. Your words hold such potency that what you speak is your immediate reality. Every move you make is from being the divine in motion – where opportunities, magic + wealth drop in like air.

Each week, we meet in real time online. You will challenge your perception of yourself, and the world around. You will become crystal clear on your vision, and begin to make it your reality. You will rewire yourself, and your neural pathways, and step into your next level of success.

In 60-days, EVERYTHING will look and feel different.

This is a deeply transformational and ultra-supportive high calibre program for women who are ready to step into their truth and RISE in their success.

This is the program that will draw out the version of you that you have always dreamed of being, and where what you command, is yours.

What Are The Secrets To Success?

 (What’s Included in This HIGH-TOUCH EXPERIENCE):

Every week you will receive 2 hours of potent high level bespoke alchemy and frequency work sourced from feminine pleasure and profound transformation.

Using advanced Quantum technologies and ancient feminine medicine, you will receive massive breakthroughs to move past any limitations, mental constructs and fears, heal your relationship with any outdated paradigms, sabotage and story, and step into the fullest expression of your power.

Whether you’re seeking clarity for your business, personal life or spiritual journey, these sessions are designed to elevate your frequency, aligning you with the highest peace and truth. Your energy field is steeped in pleasure, magnetism and power. This is the new normal.

2 Deep Subconscious Rewirings

You will receive two 21-day hypnosis rewirings to permanently embed the new neural pathways and install your new beliefs, feelings and actions – for good! You will receive new codes specific for you to fully step in and be the person you are here to be. Worth + Wealth BOTH. It’s time for an upgrade.


Each class will not only be recorded, but also available as an MP3 audio file for you to download and listen to on the go. Download your call onto your phone, and listen in anytime you need.

Rise + Thrive Practical GUIDES

Your sessions are accompanied by playbooks that is full of powerful tools, practices and activities to support you and have an immediate impact to create transformational inner shifts. No full – just real stuff that work.


As well as full personal guidance and support from me, you’ll be a part of a small and carefully curated group of like-minded women who will offer deep connection, strategic support and inspiration throughout the 60 days.


We will come together and celebrate each other’s wins and transformations, and map out your foolproof plan to keep you on track and living the life of your most expansive dreams.


Reach your financial goals with ease and grace using this tried and true formula that combines a powerful combination of mindset, sub-conscious healing AND strategy!

It’s time to

Rise + Thrive

Let’s step into your limitless potential.

this is where you:

  • Open to your deep worth of REMEMBRANCE, money legacy and power from desire, not push.
  • Enter a higher dimension – and never look back.
  • Undertake deep subconscious rewiring work, and discover the parts of you needed to realise your passions and unlimited potential.
  • Clear any stagnant and stuck energy in your field and release any old agreements not aligned to the highest.
  • Access that god-state, claiming exactly who you want to be and exactly what you desire – and get it.
  • Shake imposter syndrome and step into the success you deserve.
  • Heal your inner child so you can start unlocking everything you want in life.
  • And much, much more.

The universe is aligning! You’re exactly where you’re meaning to be.


It’s our goal to ensure that you leave this program feeling like it was worth every single penny. We’re so confident that you’ll be happy with your experience that we offer a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. 

That means that if you show up and do the work and you aren’t jumping for joy over your results, we’ll give you your money back. 

There’s zero risk to you (plus the phone call is free if you want to chat first), so get moving and schedule your call now before it’s too late, spots fill up fast and we don’t want you to miss out!

Now’s your chance…

Got Questions?

Here are all your answers!

If you are truly unsure if this is for you, the best way to know is jumping on a no obligation call with me. During this call I’ll get to know you, your challenges and hopes and dreams. From there I’ll be able to assess whether or not Rise + Thrive is the support you need! When you apply, there’s absolutely no pressure to join. In fact, if I feel that you would be better served elsewhere, I will tell you!

This transformation is NOT about creating more work for you. In fact, most women who go through my programs free up their time and energy, by creating systems and strategies that help them work smarter – not harder! If you’re ready to stop teetering on the edge of burnout, let’s talk. There’s an easier way, and I’m here to help you discover it.

Yes. All calls are recorded in various formats and will be available in your private membership group.

Absolutely! This is a very hands on live program. You’ll have intimate live calls with me AND I’ll be providing support every step of the way. I’ll also be very active in the Facebook Group, answering questions, recording videos and sharing additional trainings to offer extra insights and support.

We’ve teamed up with Charity:


Mirror of Hope is an empowering, heart-warming grassroots organisation that helps fight poverty through education for vulnerable women + children living in Africa’s largest urban slum.

With every purchase you make, we donate a portion of it to help fund our sponsorship program through Mirror of Hope. When you invest in yourself through Happiness Lifestyle, you support another boy/girl around the world to have the opportunity to change their life too.