My Initiation into Pleasure – Egypt

I could say, “I went on a sacred pilgrimage devoted to the Divine Feminine in Greece, Southern France and Egypt, and changed.”

But the truth is, “I went on these sacred pilgrimages, and I remembered who I am…”

The truth is, every journey, moment, rupture, happening is helping us become who we were always meant to be.

It’s safe to say, she chewed me up like the powerful lioness she is, and spit me out, new, renewed and reawakened.

✨My vibration upgraded.
✨My DNA crystallised.
✨My light body activated.
✨The codes within my being came alive.

So that by the time I got to Egypt late last year – guided by Magdalene herself – it was a whole different kind of upgrade.

That country is a portal. It is a direct line to cosmic intelligence and remembering.

It is an activation. An initiation back into the truth of your soul.

These beliefs I have always known and had connected with on my Camino pilgrimage several years ago, is now at a very different vibration.

And the woman standing here today is not the same person who left for those sacred portals last year. She’s gone.

#Magdalene #Pythia #Hathor #Isis Goddess had such powerful and specific messages for me and what I’ve known in my soul are messages for you, too.

So that we, as women can all rise, awaken and lead…

These codes are very much alive in me today and have been pouring through my work.

Every single step was clearly divinely oriented.

So many of you have been asking to share my experience, and the truth is, social media is a highlight reel. And I didn’t want my sharing, to just be that.

Doing a Spiritual pilgrimage is no joke. It’s not some tour where you go out and visit the sites and you come back, chill and enjoy.

Egypt itself really pushed me. It is NOT a luxury exotic place. It is an intense journey. It’s a deeply spiritual experience. It’s not meant to be a walk. It’s meant to crack us open. It’s a mission. To identify the treasure in the triggers… all of it!

And it was one of the most potent activations I had.

I stepped through portal after portal. The temples that had their own magic and medicine and messages that I took away.

Finding your pleasure is the real upgrade.
Tapping into joy is the real activation.

I thought I understood what it meant to connect to the Divine.
I thought I understood what it meant to “be spiritual.”

Going to Egypt was a spiral ascension into an entirely new upgraded understanding, activation and initiation into PLEASURE.

I’m in Aswan. I stay right at Philae herself which is the Temples of Isis. The energy is palpable from the moment I checked into my room and could see her right across from me. I immediately break down. She is here.

That part of Egypt is a direct portal into Isis herself.

I enter the holy of Holies where only the priestesses are allowed to go.

And as I do, I feel this light come up my back… through my energy body. I saw it, I felt it, I became it.

I get down on my hands and knees and put my pineal gland to the ground and the second I do, I start hearing her. Laser sharp, loving and clear. And so beyond nourishing. Like mothers milk in my cells.

I’ve never heard spirit talk to me so clearly, so viscerally, so specifically… And the messages fully hit. One after the other after the other.

“You are the most tender thing in your life, being a human being is a blessing, learn to love the stillness and yourself and loving you is loving me and we are all part of the goddess. You are part of me. You are her. You get to live free and enjoy it.”

I was reminded of joy, of pleasure, of fully owning and being in my body as a WOMAN. My divine goddess feminine body that is coded to receive in such a pleasurable, lush way.

I then get up on my knees and I have a full on activation in my pineal gland and feel the light of oneness enter my cells.

“You are a leader of the divine feminine, the world needs all women to own who they are and be proud of their beauty inside and out.”

And in that moment, I see this light across the very temple wall displaying an image of Isis’s husband Osiris and Isis having sex, his seed representing eternal life. And in that moment, it hit me. This life is created in pleasure.

PLEASURE, you guys. The reason for our existence is to enjoy, to make love with our lives.

The entire trip was layered. It was activating. It was triggering. It was ego-dissolving. It was filled with pure Light and pure Love. Everything and nothing made sense.

Enter Hathor. The goddess of Frequency. The goddess of vibration.

I’m walking around Dinderra (the temple dedicated to Hathor) picking up the frequencies. There are music chambers throughout the temples and I’m guided into this tiny little closet space and I get the message to press all my chakras from my third eye to my root up against the codes.

(These walls are fully coded + activating!)
My eyes are closed.

I’m breathing.
I’m meditating.

I enter the black void of the feminine where we do not need to see.

And like a flash, a jolt almost like a buzzing white light of electricity ⚡️bursts through my entire body and every fabric of my being.

“To be neutral is to be at peace. To be neutral is the lesson. To be neutral is the medicine.”

And then, all of a sudden, it was like something unmuted and I begin hearing MANY voices, sharing deeply personal messages. It was insane.

Light body activations.
Light activations.
Light language.
Messages from Isis.
Instructions from Hathor.
Cosmic Intelligence.

I accessed a straight channeling and information around highly alchemical ancient wisdom like our feminine bodies being coded to receive, how much power we truly have and hold as women in our portal of power, (pussy power 😅) to a major wake up in how we must learn to love the temple that is our bodies as women! And yes, right down to the point of you get to eat chocolate and enjoy it, lighten up, have fun – all the absolutely YUMMY JOYFUL things!

Each temple, had different medicine and magic for me to receive.

These are just a couple of powerful, potent moments of clear specific channeling from the goddesses themselves in their most sacred chambers.

And in sharing this 3 part series with you, I literally had my tech play up – mouse not working, charger not charging, power went out (EXACTLY what happened when I was over there!! EVERYTHING stops working in this portal – beyond INSANE frequencies. I mean is that 5D or what is happening there?!)

On the morning after one of my most catalytic spiritual experiences, I told my new nubian friend about it…

And he said:

“This is why people come to Egypt. So they can learn. And with those learnings, they can help make the world a better place.

Of course. I promised that I would do everything in my power to make it so.

I hope these little snippets have awakened a light within you, as this experience did for me.

To help you remember, as I did, that you are a leader in that awakening.

Thank you Egypt for creating that portal.

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Join me in ceremony and celebration in the stunning and luxurious surrounds of Southern France on 14 – 20 July 2024.

Supercharge your energetic frequency and watch in awe the unfolding of your being awake in her presence.

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