Pilgrimage of the Divine Feminine – Greece

It all began in Greece.

I was living inside what I can only describe as a postcard in Santorini.

And I had a deep sense that something big was coming. Not knowing what exactly, but it felt grand.

And it included A LOT of letting go.

Thira COMMANDED ALL OF MY PRESENCE – the internet literally would not work for me. I could neither teach, nor coach – but deeply surrender into the arms of the divine.

She was raw and primal and divine all at once.

To make love to change.
To let change make love to me.

To let the tears pour and the laughter purify.
To be with what is. To allow it to move.

I’ve experienced many different versions of heartache in my life and nothing as powerful as this one that can only be described as transmutation.

Whew, what a life.

All I heard was, “go inside. Rest here and nowhere else. Surrender to the stream of consciousness and life force that runs within you.”

The womb spoke to me. Guiding me, with nudges and subtle signs. The ever flowing and fluxing dance of CREATE. REST. PLAY.

“I am here as a guiding light to show you what you’ve forgotten. The slowness of the air, the temperature of patience. Slow down, lady. Receive me in every cell. Open yourself up to the colours of the sky the moment it hits your lips.

Disappear into me. Forget who you were so you can remember who you are.

The battlefields of the mind show your avoidance. Shhh. 🤫 Stop avoiding and start living.

The wild tigress 🐅 is within you. Making her space within your womb to be received by you. 👑 You have been written like light in the stars. 🌟 Open and ignite. 🧨 Speak to command a room. Don’t speak and still the room is commanded. Your energy is enough. Your energy is enough.”

How massively important each stage and phase is. How we need to be and exist in each, fully, in order to move on to the next.

Breath, body, voice, our instrument we must fine tune regularly. We must listen intently to the sounds of our beings.

Asking ourselves: what do I need. Listening and then showing up for ourselves. Radically.

All was preparing me for my initiation into the Oracle herself at the temples of DELPHI

So many of us think or believe that we need to heal fully and THEN we can be whole. LOVE is what you are made of, love is where you come from and love is what will heal you.

(You are worthy of love RIGHT NOW.)
Enter the temples of DELPHI where I had one of the most profound experiences of my life.
I experienced the oracle herself.

At the temple, the wide open expansive multi level remains – a sacred precinct that served as the seat of Pythia, the temple of Apollo, god of music, harmony, light, healing and oracles – the energy high, a vortex created and a few strangers wondering about also.
Something happened. Something deep inside me. The exquisite feeling of being deeply alone, but together in the vortex that emerged.
Looking back on the footage, it was all blurry… my phone became blurry and the weirdest thing, my human eyes blurred too… and in that moment my phone blacked out – in complete and utter stillness.

It must have only been half an hour but it felt like HOURS. And I realised that I didn’t need my human eyes to see.
My being was beckoned by an undeniable force that felt like a rhythmic motion calling down the elements to be explored through my body and breath. It felt like a dance, combined with the magic of my soul intertwining with her, a moment of pure magic.
No words, just awe in the weaving of her presence. I didn’t hear music, but it FELT like music that deepened, summoning me deeper. It left me speechless, tears running down my face.

A reckoning. A beckoning. A becoming of the greatest proportions. A blissful expression of the divine feminine in all her unique flavours and a power that I had never known I possessed.
The myth really isn’t a myth. My third eye was pulsing. And right here in these ruins: heart to genius fully opened and activated.  
The deeper I trusted myself, the stronger the container for her energy became. An experience I’ll remember forever.  

And one that I’ll be bringing into my upcoming retreats!
But it was not over. All preparing me for my initiation with Magdalene herself.

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Join me in ceremony and celebration in the stunning and luxurious surrounds of Southern France on 14 – 20 July 2024.

Supercharge your energetic frequency and watch in awe the unfolding of your being awake in her presence.

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