Mary Magdalene Raising Me Up

As tears poured down flushed cheeks from the steep climb up and up and up the mountain called Mother of Waters, sacred to Isis, each step holy ground… where the energy of the forest is beyond powerful that has been walked for centuries by Kings and Queens and others in pilgrimage.

I turn the corner up these final steps arriving at Mary Magdalene’s cave (The Grotte de la Baume, Southern France), the energy of the divine feminine so beyond strong here and pulsating through me.

Heart cracked wide open, tears pouring from me in the most delicious ways, and the resounding message:

“You are her” reverberating deeply as her divine frequency led me straight within my own heart. ❤️ The portal that unlocks greater everything. But of course, it’s what I’ve been teach my own clients!

Hold your hand over the descending light in this pic to feel her energy. She is a portal straight into EROS which is EVERYTHING. So much incredible everything that is beyond sacred and sensual and merging with the divine all rolled into one!

She teaches both humility and majesty.

“I am fully human and fully divine.”

She seduces us back to the truth: that we are love itself.

She begs us to bow at the feet of the divine and say:

“Thank you. Thank you for this life. I am here. I am here. I am here.”

When I quite literally got lost at the cliff’s edge and stumbled upon the Cave of Eggs, aka her Yoni, I felt I was shocked into an electric wave of remembrance. ⚡️
My gosh, the secret cave where all the orgasmic initiations occur.

This is not what the public even know about. Vivid memories of that lifetime and with it, a clear message that I am part of the rose lineage of the codes of light.

It was one and the same potent remembrance of divine frequency that the Camino gave me 6 years ago.
And here we were, exactly 6 years later to that exact SAME day (this was NOT planned at all!) with the very same Camino sign mind you – right out in front of the Basilica where her remains are kept reveling in Christ Consciousness herself.

The Divine Feminine Oracle.

Talk about signs!
It felt heart-opening-shattering and exhilarating. I knew at once I wanted to surrender completely into this version of myself that was dwelling within.
While integrating all her powerful revelations, it became clear that I needed to gather others and come back here. I didn’t know what or how. Until Egypt. The entire Magdalene Retreat came into existence and she orchestrated the entire thing where things just into place.

This is a whole different level of ALIGNMENT.
This pathway has changed me, and continues to open pathways and gateways to incredible conscious expansion.
So deeply grateful to remember over and over again and to help remind others. 

She drew the nectar out of each moment, really listening into the soul of her words, observing the beauty and magic around me.

There are countless moments each day to receive the beauty that’s on offer.

When I say beauty – I mean the kind of beauty that isn’t looked at, it’s seen.

And with it, the realisation that beauty isn’t just seen, it’s FELT.

And when I arrived to the very top of her magnificent grotto, the pinnacle to the Chaplin St. Pilon (where it was said Magdalene was raised up by angels) wanting my life to be filled with this kind of lightness and fun and expansiveness and beauty.

It was in this space that I returned to the dusty half-remembered rooms of my most radiant mind.

I walked amongst the ancient treasures and cerebral scriptures stacked high:

✨ traced my fingers over some bruised and buried soul brail…
✨ disentangled from my need of belonging and approval…
✨ and discovered the magnificent expanse of my totality.

Because I knew that this light expansive state would invite me right into the heart of my sensitivity, rather than numb me from it, and give me a richer and fuller experience of life.

Magdalene’s Rose Priestess Path 🌹 is entirely unfazed by prestige or pretense, intellectual etiquette or endless acronyms.

She does not care for societal grooming, but instead reassures you to ‘come as you are’… because ‘as you are’ is divine… is already perfect.

And why would you ever need – or want – to edit or cover that!?

It’s all that self-doubt; the knots in our neurology that is our undoing, and at the same time, tucked in the folds of those deeply buried snags are the seeds of our BECOMING.

We simply need to reclaim our power and TRUST in our own inherent worth.

And who said healing had to be painful and dark?

What happened to PLEASURE and LIGHTNESS and our very existence of what we’re here for?

The Divine Feminine is LUSCIOUS filled with awareness and so much LOVE – NOT shadowy painful.

Mastering the polarity of you are 100% human and you are 100% divine. BOTH!

What happened to PLEASURE and LIGHTNESS and our very existence of what we’re here for?

The Divine Feminine is LUSCIOUS filled with awareness and so much DIVINE LOVE – the secret sauce – NOT shadowy painful.

Something hugely sacred happens when we open to our Divine Feminine.

🪄 When you’re no longer afraid, you own the depth of ALL of you.

🪄 When you allow yourself to be HELD, it becomes so much easier.

🪄 When you realise that if you truly desire something, then it MUST manifest (it is law), it just is and it’s already done!

🪄 When you realise the perfection in who and what you are, it all just is.

🪄 FLOW becomes your NATURAL state, lightness of being emerges… EVEN when things feel uncertain and unsure, there is a KNOWING deep within.

There is a remembrance.

Your capacity to receive, so much love, so much grace, so much joy and pleasure.

Caring less about what people think and more about living.

Caring less about being perfect and more about satisfaction.

Way less attachment and so much more of the most simplest pleasures and sweetness of life.

So my loves, if you’ve been following along with me on my journey, I could say, “I went on a sacred pilgrimage devoted to the Divine Feminine in Greece, Southern France and Egypt, and changed.”

But the truth is, “I went on these sacred pilgrimages, all guided by Mary Magdalene and remembered who I am…”

I am a leader of divine feminine frequency. I am a priestess and am a part of a lineage.

And so are you.

My magic is a template for Frequency magic that heal many. That is not important right now – what is important now is to know this.

She is the power that also exists within YOU. And she is the medicine to heal the world.

You are her.

The world needs me.

And the world needs you also.

The world needs you to own who you are and be proud of your beauty inside and out.

Will you answer her call?

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Join me in ceremony and celebration in the stunning and luxurious surrounds of Southern France on 14 – 20 July 2024.

Supercharge your energetic frequency and watch in awe the unfolding of your being awake in her presence.

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