Shifting into the Channel of Neutrality

Ready for some GOLD today?

This isn’t about Abraham Hicks. This isn’t about affirming “I am a money magnet.” This isn’t about receiving.

This is about your divine feminine 👑 uniting with your masculine 👑 energy so you can step into your energetic wholeness. ✨⚡️🧬✨

Once we’re in union, we’re whole – we’re not broken or trying to fix something through money or relationships or our clients or this thing or that thing.

From this WHOLE place, guess what money, abundance, love – all of it – loves to circulate through?

The Channel of NEUTRALITY.

I want to share a free mini, powerful tool to help you navigate what’s going on around us. 

It’s a snippet from my Rise Up Conference + I know it’s about to change the way you operate in your business and world too. ✨

Watch the video:

Without neutrality – our own desires become heavy. We are of the illusion that it all has to come from us and that can feel so f***ing heavy.

But your desires are placed on your heart by God/Source and in your neutral state they are FREEDOM. They are love. They are pleasure.

Some of us are avoiding neutrality because we get off on the drama and this insatiable thirst to keep seeking and always want more.

We get off on the new tools that says it’s going to give us what we want.

Them bullet points that say: learn this technique that teaches you how to get everything you want.


I’m going to teach you to step into your ENERGETIC WHOLENESS where you enter a neutral state and then you can receive the desires that God/Universe wants to place on your heart and on its behalf, take action.

That is a whole different game. A whole different mission. A whole different conversation.

This is how you re-design your relationship with Wealth (which by the way, includes your Wellbeing). With God/Universe. With the storm going on around us.

Talk about absolute liberation ✨💕🚀

In full support of you on your journey,

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