SPECIAL MOVIE EDITION: I walked 860km across Spain – Part Two

Returning home is the most difficult
part of long-distance hiking;
you have grown outside the puzzle
and your piece no longer fits.

It is all a journey of subtraction – chipping away everything that is not your truth until the contours of your heart appear.

Confidence, freedom, grace under fire, they’re all naturally available when called upon with the clear unadulterated inner voice.

It’s a distinctly pure heart-sound, a clarion call direct from the ancient path itself.

The Way is entirely unfazed by prestige or pretence, intellectual etiquette or endless acronyms.

It does not care for societal grooming, but instead reassures you to ‘come as you are’… because ‘as you are’ is divine… is already perfect…

And why would you ever need – or want – to edit or cover that!?

It’s all that self-doubt; the knots in our neurology that is our undoing, and at the same time, tucked in the folds of those deeply buried snags are the seeds of our BECOMING.

We simply need to reclaim our power and TRUST in our own inherent worth.

It was in this space that I returned to the dusty half-remembered rooms of my most radiant mind.

I walked amongst the ancient treasures and cerebral scriptures stacked high…
traced my fingers over some bruised and buried soul brail…
disentangled from my need of belonging and approval…
and discovered the magnificent expanse of my totality.

It is all a journey of constant change.

Every green rolling hill is noticed, every pine forest, every small winding river.

Dry mountains turn to misty grassland and expansive farmland turns to medieval villages.

Every shaded path is a blessing and even the subtlest breeze brings pure joy.

Each soft patch of grass tempts you and whispers, ‘just stay here a little while longer.”

The simplest of pleasures are taken to heart, as is every day on the Camino. 

So, sweetly sensitive friends of mine, I won’t be adding any more shine…

Only your very own mini movie highlighting my epic journey where the biggest questions are answered by the smallest things.

Watch the Video:

My desire in sharing my journey with you through this movie is to have it all stir up fresh enthusiasm and hope for your life as they have done for mine.

You may never have the opportunity to walk across the ancient path to Santiago, but you will always have the opportunity to stretch and grow spiritually on your own path of life.

So, there you have it, PART ONE and Two of my trip! I hope you enjoyed these little insights into my journey.

Hit the comments below and share/ask away. It goes without saying that I love hearing from you!

xo, rosie 135x25

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